Data Files

Sometimes it is useful to extract the data content of a page from the rendering. This way some team members can concentrate on building up the database of content, while another team member can build the structure of the site. Data Files allows you to create .yml, .yaml or .json files in a folder called data and makes this information available in your templates. The data folder should be placed in the root of your project i.e. in the same folder as your project's source folder.

Here's an example file at data/people.yml with the contents:

  - Tom
  - Dick
  - Harry

Now, anywhere in our template files, we will have access to this data:

  <% data.people.friends.each do |f| %>
  <li><%= f %></li>
  <% end %>

Which will render:


Notice that the name of the .yml file (people) is the name of the object which stores the data in your template: data.people. This works for subdirectories as well. If you have a file data/people/tom.yml, you can access it with data.people.tom.

You can use JSON to store your data instead of YAML. The above example could be data/people.json instead:

  "friends": [