Template Engine Options

You can set options for the various template engines in your config.rb:

set :haml, { :ugly => true, :format => :html5 }


You can choose your favorite Markdown library and set options for it in config.rb:

set :markdown_engine, :redcarpet
set :markdown, :fenced_code_blocks => true, :smartypants => true

When using RedCarpet, Middleman will handle links and image tags with its own helpers, meaning things like :relative_links and :asset_hash will do what you expect. However, the default Markdown engine is Kramdown because it's easier to install.

Other Templating Languages

Here is the list of Tilt-enabled templating languages and the RubyGems which must be installed (and required in config.rb) for them to work (this list is from Tilt):

Slim .slim slim
Erubis .erb, .rhtml, .erubis erubis
Less CSS .less less
Builder .builder builder
Liquid .liquid liquid
RDiscount .markdown, .mkd, .md rdiscount
Redcarpet .markdown, .mkd, .md redcarpet
BlueCloth .markdown, .mkd, .md bluecloth
Kramdown .markdown, .mkd, .md kramdown
Maruku .markdown, .mkd, .md maruku
RedCloth .textile redcloth
RDoc .rdoc rdoc
Radius .radius radius
Markaby .mab markaby
Nokogiri .nokogiri nokogiri
CoffeeScript .coffee coffee-script
Creole (Wiki markup) .wiki, .creole creole
WikiCloth (Wiki markup) .wiki, .mediawiki, .mw wikicloth
Yajl .yajl yajl-ruby
Stylus .styl stylus